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2022 is a big year for me.....

I'm retiring from my full time job!!

After many years of working full time and fitting my crafts and making around my day job I will, at last, be able to spend much more time doing all the things I really love to do.

I have big plans that include relocating to a new home which will bring with it the chance to show my work to a new audience via different shows and fairs. But that doesn't mean I'll be forgetting all of the wonderful customers and friends I have met over the past few years, far from it! I will be developing new products and making even more of my most popular items, and rest assured you will be the first to hear about things! 

Because so much has been happening behind the scenes I've been really poor at updating my website....sorry!....but if you see anything in my shop that says it's sold out please do contact me because, chances are, I'll have more items squirrelled away that haven't made it into the shop yet, and if not I may well be working on stuff that is very similar that I think you may like.

I can't wait to tell you so much more about what's happening here at Grange Hollow so please do check back soon for even more exciting news!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Ellie    x

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